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PKT Passwords is Really Easy to Use

With our FREE cloud-based password management system, there is no software to install. Registration is fast using your existing Google, Yahoo, Facebook, PayPal, Microsoft, or AOL account. Have we mentioned that it's FREE?

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How It Works

how it works
Your PC, Mac, tablet, phone, or anything else with a web browser encrypts your records using your encryption key. Your key is never sent to our service. Your records are not kept on your device.
Your encrypted information is transmitted securely to and from our cloud-based service.
Your encrypted information is then stored in your cloud-based lock box and cannot be viewed without your encryption key by anyone (including us).

Why Choose Our FREE Cloud-based Password Manager?

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First, PKT Passwords is cloud-based which means that if your hard drive or device crashes, your information will still be available to you. This also means that you can access your passwords on all of your devices with web browsers.

Some password managers are software programs that run all time in the background bogging down your device. If you go to a site, you may get a prompt or symbol saying that your password is available and can be auto-filled. Ask yourself: If someone gains access to the device, will they have access to all of your accounts? If you use our service, just log out and sign out of the service that you used to login.

Most software programs hold all of your information on the device along with the encryption key (if one is even used). This would allow someone who has access to your device to say, "Oh look! A database of passwords. And look! The encryption key to view the passwords." With PKT Passwords, your encrypted information is kept within a secure cloud database and records are only retrieved as needed.

How Secure Is Your Information?

If you use the same password on every site, if you use basic passwords like your pet's name, if you keep all of your passwords on a little slip of paper in your wallet, then your information is probably not very secure. PKT Passwords adds a layer of security by helping you to have a separate, complex password for all of your sites and services.

If you have gotten into the habit of just letting your browser store all of your passwords on the sites that you visit most, you should look into whether someone would just need to make a couple of clicks in the browser menu to get a list of ALL of your passwords.

More information about our service's security can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Free Vs. Premium

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